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Guiding You Through The Probate Process

Losing a loved one is a tragic and sad experience but administering their assets should not be difficult. At Sheila J. Kelly Attorney at Law, I assist clients throughout Minnesota in managing their loved ones’ total assets.

Understanding Your Role As A Representative

If you have been named the personal representative for a loved one’s estate, I can help you understand the probate process and distribute the person’s assets according to their will. If your loved one passed away without leaving a will, I can help you understand the intestate rules and navigate the probate court process so that the estate is distributed as directed by law. Further, I can guide you through the process of paying creditors so that the estate can be settled cleanly and completely.

Because death can strain family relationships, I strive to limit family conflicts over wills and other estate documents, as well as in situations where planning documents are lacking. I am a compassionate negotiator who can host a conference with your family members, and I can explain the legal process for probate and how they fit within it. I can also help them reach a consensus on important issues.

Trust Administration: How I Can Help

If you are a trustee, I can advise you in trust administration matters, including those for living trusts, special needs trusts and other financial vehicles that protect money for special purposes. Finally, if your loved one’s estate plan includes a health care directive dictating end-of-life medical care, I can ensure that it is honored.

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As your attorney, I will explain any potential costs upfront and work efficiently so you do not have to pay more for your legal representation than is necessary. To learn more about your options and responsibilities, contact me online or by calling 612-568-4938. I offer free half-hour consultations to my prospective clients.